You Wrote The Book!

An Author Interview Podcast

An Author Interview Podcast

Episodes: 10


YWTB! Jung Yun

Duration: 30 min

YWTB! Kit de Waal

Duration: 40 min

YWTB! Charlotte Wood

Duration: 36 min

YWTB! Suzanne O’Sullivan

Duration: 32 min

YWTB! Garth Greenwell

Duration: 32 min

YWTB! Joanna Cannon

Duration: 39 min

YWTB! Ruth Ware

Duration: 37 min

YWTB! Michel Faber

Duration: 38 min

YWTB! Paul McVeigh

Duration: 45 min

YWTB! Helen Macdonald

Duration: 27 min

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